Warren Abercrombie


I can collaborate with your brand to create sponsored content and campaigns that will connect with my followers. This can include creating multiple videos over a period of time, attending events and creating content from the event, and promoting your brand across multiple social media platforms.

I can attend events such as conventions, trade shows, product launches and more and create content to share with my followers.

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I can interact with my followers in real-time through live streaming on TikTok. I can answer their questions, give behind-the-scenes content and provide exclusive content for them.

I can manage your brand’s social media account. I’ll create, edit and post videos to the account as well as engage with the audience.

I create engaging and creative videos that promote your brand or product to my followers. We will work together to come up with a concept that aligns with your overall marketing strategy, and I will handle all aspects of filming, editing, and posting the video alongside my management team.

I can create personalized video messages or shoutouts for you. I’ll create a short video wishing your recipient happy birthday, congratulating them on an achievement or simply sending a message.

I offer a comprehensive range of services, including guidance on brand development, the importance of mindset in gaining followers, idea shaping, creating quality content on a budget, building a professional network, scriptwriting, launching influencer and acting careers, content monetization, film setup, editing tips, community building, and indie filmmaking. These are personalized plans based on individual circumstances.

I can provide an honest review of your product or unbox it and show it off to my followers. I’ll give my personal experience and feedback about it, and I may include a call-to-action for my followers to purchase the product.

I can provide voiceover and sound effects for your videos. I can record my own voice or use sound effects to enhance the overall production value of the video.

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